10 Year Limited Warranty

Unbreakable • Lightweight • UV Resistant • 100% Recyclable

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What we do?

The Dotchi Difference:

What factors help make gardening more enjoyable? At Dotchi we strive to understand how people like to garden, and portable gardens, also known as container gardening, are on the leading edge of what consumers are asking about.

Portable gardens provide the opportunity to garden across every generation and any living situation. And Dotchi is bringing you a better way to create beautiful portable gardens.

Our lightweight but durable planters can easily be transported from the point of purchase to wherever you plan to place them. Up three flights of stairs to a condo balcony? No problem. Down to the fenced garden area on the farm? No problem. Carried to school by a second grader for a class project? No problem. And with our 10 Year Warranty against fading and cracking from weather, these planters can handle being left outside during the harshest winter and the fiercest summer.

With proper drainage holes already provided, your planters are ready to plant the minute you get home. Or, you could stop by a friend’s house and plant them up together!

Do you remember those times that you’ve spent weeks getting your container gardens to grow and look fabulous, then you left for a weekend and someone forgot to water your plants for you? Our Dotchi Self-watering planters can help take those nightmares away by extending the time between watering and also indicating how much water is needed or left in the reservoir.

Dotchi planters and garden products – helping you to create beautiful gardens successfully with less effort.

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Who we are?

With manufacturing and distribution spread around the world we are able to better service our markets and customer´s needs.

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Dotchi in the world

With production facilities located in Colombia, as well as, distribution centers in North Carolina and Cartagena, we are strategically located to better service our customers and provide on-time delivery, that allows us to reach lots of countries y different continents.

Canada | US | Colombia | México | Panama | Central America | Denmark | Sweden | Norway | UK | Ireland | Finland.

Research and Development

It is our objective to innovate and improve with both new and old products on the market. Our R&D team is specialized and understands design trends.

Researchand Development

Production and Distribution

Just three days from its closest US port, Cartagena, Colombia is an ideal manufacturing point for distribution. On the same time zone and the Eastern coast of the US, we can react faster.

Production and Distribution

Distribution & Warehouse

Our brand new state of the art facility in Pineville, North Carolina is a vast warehouse that can easily house product for any major retailer in the United States.

Distribution & Warehouse

Sales Center

Visit our beautiful showroom and sales office located
in Miami and view products on display of our trend
setting sister brand Crescent Garden.

Sales Center